Saturday, May 21, 2005

Looks like Mel and Mrs. Mel will be compell---ed to visit Bradbury's shrink

On Monday May 23 Judge Rondolino will hear a motion filed by Ray Bradbury to compel Melvin and Betty Sembler to be examined by a psychologist of his choosing. Tom McGowan, Bradbury's attorney, has also filed a memorandum in support of Bradbury's motion. According to the memo, the Semblers had 30 days from Feb. 23rd to respond to Bradbury's motion but failed to do so, and thus the motion should be granted on that grounds alone. And then McGowan gives other finer points of law supporting the motion. Looks to us like Mel and Betty will have to talk to a shrink once they get back in June from their important business of state. motion


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