Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Path cleared for the Semblers' depositions

Apparently Mr. Bradbury's last deposition must have been grueling. On May 3 Judge Rondolino ruled that part 2 of Ray Bradbury's deposition could proceed but there would be some limitations placed on the methods of questioning by the plaintiffs. Once Mr. Bradbury finishes his deposition the path will be cleared for him to depose the Semblers. Citizens opposing the proposed Fowler shopping center in Winter Garden, Florida have made a protest sign alluding to Ambassador Sembler's "device" and also their web page addresses the Semblers and child abuse at their Straight program. If you do an Internet Google search on " sembler "penis pump" " you will get articles from around the world. Almost all of them will also mention Straight, Inc. The Washington Post, ABC Action News, La Gaceta and even the St. Petersburg Times have all reported on the "device" and all have mentioned Straight too. Mr. Bradbury has been in the news exposing the Semblers and Straight for almost two decades now. He has joined with other Straight protesters to protest at Sembler's home. And yet in their interrogatories the Sembler's claim he protests because he is a sadist. They won't mention Straight. Mr. Bradbury wasn't looking in the ambassador's trash can hoping to find his "device" so he could embarrass him with it. He was looking for documents to further document the Straight holocaust and found the "device" completely unexpectedly. Any reasonable jury is going to want to know this: "Mr. Bradbury, you live in Tampa and Mr. Sembler lives in St. Petersburg. Why in the world were you looking through his, of all people, trash in the first place?" Why was he looking in your trash can to begin with Mr. Sembler? Has he been looking for your "device" all these years or has been trying to have you put in prison for operating a criminal enterprise that harmed him and thousands of other people. Ever since Lenny Englander made his big blunder of admitting the "device" belonged to his client, Mr. Englander has sought to keep Straight out of the suit--and out of Mr. Sembler's soon to come deposition. We think time has about run out for Mr. Sembler.


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