Sunday, May 01, 2005

PumpGate becomes bad business for Sembler Company: the snowball is growing

Sembler is trying to build a mall in Winter Garden, Florida but in an all too familiar scenerio the citizens don't want it. As Mel Sembler's reputation for outlandish deeds grows so does the exposure of his deeds. The sign at left was used April 14 to protest Sembler Company. It refers to Ambassador Sembler's strange lawsuit against Ray Bradbury to reclaim his discarded penile pump which Bradbury found in Sembler's trash can.

The snowball is growing. These protesters have found our web pages and are getting read-in on the background of this man who has convinced their mayor he should let him buy their neighborhood. Perhaps it is time Sembler Company change its name to ACME Construction Company. story


Blogger No One of Note said...

so much for the 'upstanding christian' image of the GOP.

Sex toys?

Really dude, what are you 16 years old???

5:38 AM  

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