Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why won't Betty be deposed on BS Day?

According to Betty Sembler's deposition file (Attachment A) Tom McGowan (Bradbury's attorney) notified Lenny Englander (the Sembler's attorney) that Betty Sembler would be deposed on August 8. Now deposition dates, more especially those of such high profile people, are not dictated by defendants; they are first agreed upon by both parties. Thus we assume that McGowan and Englander had already agreed upon August 8 as Betty's deposition date. We believe that in his July 14 correspondence Mr. McGowan was not mandating to Mr. Englander that Ms. Sembler be deposed on August 8; rather he was confirming, in writing, an already agreed to date. But on July 14 Anna-Maria Carnesoltas (an Englander lieutenant) notified Tom McGowan that she would have to check with Ms. Sembler to see if July 8 was still agreeable to her. We knew that August 8 is Betty Sembler's birthday and Betty Sembler Day in all of Florida, but we doubt that Lenny Englander knew this on the morning of July 14. It's just that it's hard for us to imagine Betty Sembler knowingly agreeing to be deposed on Betty Sembler Day! What really happened in Englander's law firm when they notified Betty that she was supposed to be deposed on August 8. Is that when they learned that August 8 is BS Day? Ms. Carnesoltas' letter is dated July 14 and states that is was mailed and faxed. But look again at the top of her letter. It was faxed on July 15. Makes you wonder don't it. What will Ms. Sembler be doing on August 8? What's this talk about an Australian conference?

We do not believe Betty Sembler or Melvin Sembler will ever be deposed in this case, but the latest date for her deposition is August 12. We shall see.