Sunday, October 16, 2005

Photo of ambassador's penile pump could cause new problem for plaintiffs

Mel Sembler's penile pump (left) from an exhibit presented by Sembler's attorney to the court. We appologize for the poor quality of the photo but we have a copy of a copy of a copy of a scan and all that sort of stuff. We are working towards getting a cleaner copy.The photo of Ambassador Sembler's penile pump is cropped from Exhibit 2 that Lenny Englander (the Sembler's attorney) presented during Ray Bradbury's deposition. (It is Exhibit 6A to Betty Sembler's deposition). Exhibit 6A is a copy of the actual ad Mr. Bradbury placed on eBay which is shown for the first time by us here.

We are very puzzled from Mrs. Sembler's statement about the image that she makes on pages 79 - 80 of her deposition. She frankly says she does not know what it is and even asks, "What is it a picture of?" She says she's "never seen this before." In all fairness to Ms. Sembler, we do not know the clarity of the photo shown her. But if it is a clear photo (which we assume it is) and she does not even know what it is, then that would seem to be a very big problem for the Semblers. Here's the problem. Lenny Englander has told ABC Action News that Ray Bradbury has violated the "sanctity" of the Sembler's bedroom and while Mr. Sembler, through his attorney, readily admits that the pump was his, Ms. Sembler seems to be saying she does not know what it is. And if Ms. Sembler does not know what it is, then what was the ambassador using it for!


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