Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The joke of the year. Mel Sembler tries to stall his trial by going to Israel for the Passover

12-14-05 .

On Aug. 26, 2003, Lenny Englander (who is Melvin Sembler's attorney in Pumpgate) filed, and was granted, a motion for expedited discovery including deposition and interrogatories from Ray Bradbury. Judge Walt Logan signed the order. The Semblers thought Bradbury would just cave under their might, but he did not. At some point it must have dawned on the Sembler crowd that once Ray Bradbury is deposed, Mel Sembler must be also. Today, all the principals in PumpGate have been deposed except for--except for Mel Sembler! Sembler pushed early on for an expedited trial, but now, over two years later, it is Sembler who is delaying.

But his latest delay takes the cake. A trial date has finally been set for April 10 - April 21, 2006. Former Straight victims from all over the country have been making tentative plans to be there to, hopefully, finally see the man they feel responsible for the horrors they endured at Straight. But now, in an almost laughable motion, the Semblers have requested that the judge delay the trial because they, with their families, will be going to Israel for the Passover from April 10 to April 20!

For over two years Lenny Englander has been handling this case for the Semblers, but this time Mel Sembler personally filed the motion. He told the judge that the vacation dates can not be changed because other family members are going with him. He even tries to set the judge's mind at ease telling him this is not just another stalling attempt. He writes, "This motion is being filed in good faith and not for dilatory purposes." "Dilatory"--that's just a stupid comment to make. It's like when CNN's Peter Arnett claimed in the first Gulf War that the Americans had bombed a baby milk factory in Abu Ghraib. US intelligence said the camouflage plant was making biological weapons. Arnett showed film footage of technicians rummaging through debris sporting white medical-type frocks with the words BABY MILK FACTORY emblazoned boldly on the back in English--of all languages. There are no baby milk factories. There are milk companies that make skim milk, 2% fat milk, baby milk and cottage cheese. And these corporations have names like PET, Inc. or Bordens--not Baby Milk Factory. You just don't tell the judge this request is not a "stall tactic."

Poor Judge Rondolino. There is no way in hell he would grant such a request to Ray Bradbury; but if he denies Sembler's personal request, that, we fear, could be the end of his judgeship as we know it. Obviously, Judge Rondolino must comply and reschedule the trial to fit National Lampoon's Vacation. But we must advise Judge Rondolino not to reschedule for Sep. 23, 2006 to Oct. 10, 2006. If you do Sir, we can assure you that Sembler will pack up Betty and the kids and head to Mecca for Ramadan!


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